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Export,Warranty and Return policies

EXPORT SALES: Indian pricing is shown. When products are shipped throughout the world, you will see higher prices because of freight. Please consider these costs when purchasing MK Designs products outside India. If ordering direct from MK DESIGNS, we will compute freight charges and add them to the order. BUYER will be responsible for customs, taxes, duty, or other charges.

PLEASE NOTE: MK DESIGNS products are designed to fit very close to your bike for a clean look. Due to this, other accessories or options can inhibit proper fit. For example Tank Consoles (dashes), ignition modules, exhaust systems, sissy bars, etc. If you have accessories installed on your bike, please let us know so we can verify the fit for you.

FIBERGLASS /Metal Frame WARRANTY: Structural integrity of MK DESIGNS fiberglass components and Metal Frames are warranted to the original owner for life. Finish and paint are warranted against manufacturing defects for one year. Damage to product and/or painted surfaces from outside forces or misuse is specifically not covered under warranty. Cash or credit refunds are not available. All goods being handled for customer service consideration must be accompanied by a MK Designs Order number or purchase receipt.


We do not accept Returns. We only provide Replacement in case of manufacturing defects.

In case of Replacement, the Shipping cost is to be born by the Buyer


Orders once placed , cannot be cancelled . Please review completely before placing an order .

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